ANZAC day celebrations

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ANZAC day 2013

Most of us know someone who has been part of the world wars in our history, ANZAC day is a day when we can come together as a nation and honour those, past and present, who have and are sacrificing their lives for our countries.   Australians and New Zealanders may not always get along, [...]

Training for CrossFit on your Iphone

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Looking to get interested or currently do a CrossFit exercise program on the Gold Coast, then this app is for you! CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program which is a very effective way to get fit. The CrossFit app acts like a personal trainer providing a work out schedule and instructional videos for exercises. [...]

Have you heard?  Gas pump boycott 15th April! thumbnail
If you’re a regular Facebook user than you may of noticed the below post that has been shared thousands of times and is in constant circulation.  Yes, “Don’t pump gas on April the 15th 2013″. It sounds great to make a stand and drain a nice two billion dollars out of the big oil companies pockets, [...]

Springbrook Glow Worms

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Have you ever wondered what glow worms are and what they look like?   The Springbrook Glow Worms Research Centre is the only place in Australia that studies glow worms and it has all the information you never knew, and a beautiful wall of glow worms on exhibit. Depending on suitable numbers, Garry Maguire, a [...]

Byron Blues Festival 2013 – Bluesfest

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Byron Bay Bluesfest is Australia’s best Music Festival, it is held annually over the Easter Period, creating a large international Festival of Blues and Root Music in the beautiful Byron Bay, NSW. We have some Bluesfest live footage you can see below. Festival Dates: Thursday 28th March – Monday 1st April 2013 In Byron Bay Accommodation is getting tight, book [...]

Easter 2013 on the Gold Coast

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When is Easter 2013? Sunday March 31st.  I want everyone to know that the Gold Coast is the best place in Australia to come for an Easter break. Easter is the best holiday as you get a good 4-5 days off at a great time of the year for perfect weather on the Gold Coast. [...]

Are young vandals petty criminals or bored teenagers? thumbnail
It’s obvious there are a lot of teenagers on the Gold Coast who’s idea of fun is tagging their alter ego onto someone’s fence, wall, gate or public areas such as bus stops.  But what could be the real reason behind their behaviour?  Maybe it could be a case of boredom. As parents, we all [...]

Big Brother Australia 2013 Housemate Hunt Gold Coast

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The search is on for the Big Brother Australia 2013 House mates across Australia! Auditions for Big Brother are about to start on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, we have all the information on Big Brother Australia 2013. Channel Nine’s biggest reality show in 2013 is about to get a lot better. The twelve to [...]

Lets get ready to Zumba!

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I know Zumba has been around for a while now, but not actually doing classes myself and doing my own workouts at home with the dvd player just isn’t the same as doing classes with actual people.  I took my children to a Zumba class this morning for the first time, and it actually inspired [...]

Indoor netball at Burleigh Oz Sports

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Burleigh Oz Sports is under new management, and there’s plenty of reasons to get active this year! Previously players paid a registration fee, which is no longer applicable to the delight of many sports enthusiasts. A small fee of $11.00 for night games and $9.50 for day games is a breath of fresh air especially [...]

A little way out of the Gold Coast to Brunswick Heads thumbnail
A few days ago I visited a friend in Ocean Shores in Northern NSW and we went for lunch in Brunswick Heads, in case you’ve never been there I thought I’d let you in on my experience. We went for lunch at the Riverside Espresso Bar on the main street in Brunswick, it was nice. [...]

Coal Seam Gas and you

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The most comprehensive map of Australia’s coal seam gas activities made so far. Use the search tool to find gas wells in places of interest to you, and zoom in on Queensland and New South Wales to explore the full extent of coal seam gas mining in the Great Artesian Basin. View Water use by [...]

Gold Coast Marathon 2013

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Gold Coast Marathon 2013 – July 6th – 7th. Run in this years Airport Marathon and support a charity of your choice. This is the 35th Staging of the Gold Coast Marathon and looks to be a cracker! The Gold Coast Airport Marathon is one of the biggest events on the region’s calendar, attracting almost 25,000 [...]

Supafest 2013 Announces Venues Ticket Information and Line ups thumbnail
The Supafest Australia 2013 line up has finally been announced, and it is looking super to say the least! Garnered as one of the biggest urban music festivals in the world, Supafest has successfully delivered over 25 international urban and hip-hop superstars over the last 4 years. 2013 sees the legendary TI performing in Australia for [...]

Hangover 3 Movie Trailer

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The first Hangover movie had us all cracking up, the idea behind the hangover was a beauty as everyone can kind of relate when having a big night out on the drink. The boys are back for one more good time together in Vegas, or so it seems in the new The Hangover Part III trailer. Sometimes movie sequels [...]